Did June fly by, or what? We hope that everyone has been enjoying their summer and had a Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸

Let’s jump in with our most recent product update.

Dual-Role Visibility 👯‍♂️

We discovered that some of our school advisors who are part of the Advisor-Coach dual-role were not displaying in the “Your School’s Advisors” section for students to schedule sessions with. This was preventing some schools from being able to use advising at all.

Fixed! Now, if a student has access to adviseup, all of the school’s advisors should display in the “Your School’s Advisors Section” including advisors with a dual role (for instance, advisor-coach or advisor-admin).

Messaging Permission Abilities ✉️

Owners and admins now have the ability to modify who can initiate messages based on user roles. This feature is an important step toward upcoming changes we’re making to improve our messaging system. Until the new messaging system is live, there will be no functional changes to how the messaging system works, and no need to change any of these permissions. We’ll let you know before the feature goes live!

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Statuses for Ana Messages ✅

Schools are often sending Ana messages out to thousands of students at a time. Sometimes, for various reasons, a message might not make it through successfully to every student. With our new status callbacks feature, Upswing HEROs will now know when a message fails to deliver so they can follow up accordingly. This feature will give us better insight into the validity of the phone numbers provided by colleges, allowing us to filter out landlines and inactive phone numbers.

Have any questions about what we just released? Want to share some feedback? Feel free to contact your HERO, or send us an email! speak@upswing.io

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