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2 million+
messages were sent between students and Ana in the past year
tutoring and advising sessions completed on Upswing’s platform
dropouts have been prevented by institutional partners using Upswing
is the statistically significant increase in student retention that Upswing makes

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  • Reach

    Meet Ana 👋. Ana is an SMS virtual assistant that supports students through two-way engagement, timely reminders, and direction to on-campus and online resources.

  • Support

    Meet your students wherever they are by providing 24/7 tutoring, assignment review, and mental health support.

  • Retain

    Early intervention is critical. Get data and notifications earlier. Provide advising and mentorship to students faster with fewer barriers.

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Learn more about our research, student impact, and innovative approach to student success.
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Partner Testimonials

No program, campus, or student are alike. We work with each partner to create a customized platform and suite of products that work for their unique needs.
"Upswing allows us to expand services to times of the day when the college isn't open but students are in search of academic support. This is especially useful for adult learners who typically balance college on top of already busy lives as parents and employees."
Gabrielle McCutchen

Dean of Student Engagement

"Part of the reason why this has been a fantastic opportunity for us has been Upswing's ability to extend the reach and breadth of our academic support services. We've seen research-backed improvements in student persistence, retention, and graduation rates as a result of partnering with Upswing."
Derick Virgil

Dean of Academic Success

"Upswing's platform is intuitive and user-friendly for new students. Upswing HEROs and tech teams are open to new ideas and strive to keep the platform customizable to meet specific schools' needs. The platform takes care of channeling workflow for tutoring and assignment review allowing my team to focus on helping the students. The dashboards allow admins to keep a real-time pulse on the overall workflow."
Neena Wilson

Math & Science Resource Center Manager

“The Upswing team is friendly, helpful, and timely with responses to questions or concerns. The fact that they listen to the needs of their clients to help make their product easier to use and more specific to the needs of our student athletes.”
Terri Craft

Dean of Academic Services & Assessment

"The Ana escalation process has led directly to us retaining several students who would have otherwise dropped out. Getting notified about these potential issues and then working with the student to get counseling or academic support has been really impactful. We really appreciate all of the work that you're doing to make sure that these students don’t fall through the cracks!"
Natalie Oswalt

Dean of Arts, Sciences & Technology

"Upswing is helping our students tremendously, mainly because of accessibility. It is hard to be available to students 24/7 but this tool allows us to provide the support that they need! The staff at Upswing are extremely helpful and every time I have needed assistance they have been there with the solution. I would highly recommend this product!"
Amy Anderson

Director of Tutoring & Mentoring

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