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    Immediate vs. Scheduled Tutoring


    Students today are busier than ever! They also face new challenges that yesterday’s students never did. These students need flexibility and on-demand access to student support resources such as tutoring. 

    Upswing prides itself on providing 24/7 access to qualified tutors who are there whenever and wherever students need help. Our platform offers students the opportunity to access tutors immediately or schedule tutoring sessions for a later time. Our partners can also allow on-campus tutors to utilize Upswing’s platform to provide immediate or scheduled tutoring sessions as well. 

    But how does immediate tutoring work? And how immediate is immediate tutoring? These are common questions that we get asked all the time.

    How Does Immediate Tutoring Work?

    1. The student must be logged into the Upswing platform. From there, they can click on the Tutoring module and then search for a tutor or subject. 


    2. If the tutor is available for immediate tutoring, their profile will be highlighted in green and “Available Now” will be listed at the top of the tutor’s profile. 

    image 1

    3. From here, the student can click “Get Tutored Now”, select the duration of the session, and then click “Schedule.”

    image 3

    4. Once the tutor accepts the session, the student will be notified and can enter the online tutoring session. 

    image 2

    Students Can Connect In Seconds

    Immediate tutoring really does mean tutoring on-demand. This academic year, the average time to acceptance for immediate tutoring requests with Upswing tutors was only 35 seconds! This average time to acceptance was also similar for the previous 2 academic years. Additionally, Upswing tutors accepted 96% of immediate session requests during the same time period. 

    Immediate tutoring sessions are a really important tool to increase tutoring usage. In an internal Upswing study of tutoring data, we found that students who are provided the option to schedule an immediate tutoring session are 11 percentage points more likely to complete a tutoring session than those students who are not provided that option. 

    Immediate tutoring and scheduled tutoring are just some of the ways that Upswing is dedicated to meeting students where they are and supporting them when they need it. If you want to learn more about how we can help support your students, please reach out to us.

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