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    What Makes Upswing Different


    Education Technology is an exciting and growing field, and there are more tools than ever to support student success. Upswing provides a plethora of these tools in a unique model that has been proven to increase student engagement and retention, while optimizing the experience for administrators and faculty on campus as well. Over 60 institutions who have partnered with our world-class products so far can attest to the Upswing Difference. 

    Comprehensive Services Platform

    The main component of Upswing that sets us apart from others is our wraparound student services platform. This all-in-one hub brings many different resources together to meet students directly where they are. Our focus on marginalized populations and nontraditional students drives this philosophy, eliminating as many barriers as possible to provide support. 

    Students can begin by logging into our platform with their school credentials, which makes getting started easier than ever. Here, they can find tutoring, mental health support and counseling via BetterMynd, assignment review, writing assistance, and advising. Ana, our SMS virtual assistant, is customized with your school’s information and webpages to deliver immediate automated responses. By providing academic and wellness support, we strive to support the whole student, whether they are busy parents, working full time, traditional students, and everyone in between.

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    Elevated Tutoring Experience

    While many other companies provide 24/7 tutoring opportunities, only Upswing goes above and beyond to work seamlessly with your on-campus tutoring program. Our Virtual Learning Center allows students and tutors to use any combination of video, audio, and chat, as well as a virtual whiteboard. Your institution’s tutors are able to use our tutoring platform, and when supplemented by hundreds of Upswing tutors, your students can experience 24/7 support. Our tutors are located all over the world and can speak several languages, including ASL. They are also superbly qualified, as many have graduate and postdoctoral degrees.

    Students can request an immediate session or schedule one for the future, and the courses they are currently enrolled in are automatically populated into their profile. Our writing tutors also support our Assignment Review service, which allows students to upload an essay for in-depth feedback from an expert.

    Upswing’s tutoring platform offers unique features like in-platform messaging between all users from tutors to students, admins, and advisors. Tutors will also find that our platform is easy to use. With two-way scheduling, tutors (especially those assigned to specific groups of students) can schedule 1:1 or small group sessions directly with students. 

    Tailored Training and Analytics

    Proper support for campus administrators is crucial when maximizing the impact of our products. The Upswing team stands out by providing extensive training, resources, and on-demand data to all of our partners. Training can help administrators fully understand our products and how to share the information with the rest of the campus as well as their staff. Our Engagement Kit has loads of documents, suggested language for emails, sample social media posts, and ready-to-use or customizable flyers to promote the services across campus. 

    Our data dashboards empower each partner to see high-level and detailed information about how the products are being used on your campus. Much of this data is populated in real-time and can be accessed whenever and wherever by administrators. Upswing is also very focused on providing retention impact data, which can help illuminate the impact of our products on student success.

    While there may be other options available for students, only Upswing can deliver all of these holistic services in a single platform that is easy and accessible to use. To learn more about how we can support your institution, please contact us here.

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